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Welcome to the website of the Oxford Ixion Motorcycle Club. Oxford Ixion MCC was formerly known as Oxford Speedway Club and was founded in 1937, but shortly afterwards the speedway boys went their own way and Ixion MCC were left to run trials and scrambles events. This site is devoted to the Trials section.



 Results for the 2018 season are shown below. Congratulations to you all.

Name Class
Jason Clifford Expert Winner
Ryan Tomkins Intermediate Winner
Rowan Hill First Class Intermediate

Adrian Steele

Alan Taylor

Clubman Joint Winners
Brian Tomkins Clubman Runner up
Mark Woodburn 4th Best Clubman
Phil Ducker 1st Class Clubman
Garry Jones 1st Class Clubman
Rob Lewis 1st Class Clubman
James Yates 1st Class Clubman
Glenn Howard 1st Class Clubman
Stuart Hayes Sportsman Winner
Wayne Hutton Sportsman Runner Up
Martin Jones 3rd Best Sportsman
Brian Ayres 1st Class Sportsman
Ian Horner 1st Class Sportsman
Steve McHugh 1st Class Sportsman