My mother Mrs.Ruby Strong as was , Now Ruby Freeman used to be a member , I noticed you are looking for information about the clubs history so I asked her to put down on paper what she could remember and who. Dont know if this will help you but as she is now in her mid 80’s her memory is’nt what it used  to be.

She joined the club in 1947 and was active in the club till 1952. She has listed some of the members and thier bikes and this is it:
Arhter Merrit
Tony Bartrum    500 Norton
Colin Baker    A J S
Stan Baybrooke    Matchless Twin
Arthur & Brenda Vincent    A J S
Dave Clarke    Trials bikes and bike shop
Dave Curtis      Vincent Black Shadow
Hutt Brothers    Douglass racing Twins. Don had a dreadfull accident in Isle of Man  TT races
Pip Baratt   Worked for John Avery  Motorcycle shop
John Avery   Raced for B S A Team Scrambling

Here I will hand over to her for a few memories of her time in the club.

I joined the club in 1947 and bought my first bike, a B S A 250 from Kings in Hythe Bridge Street  on a Thursday, Practised riding it on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday Morning I joined the rest of the club on a ride to Silverstone to watch the racing. I was very scared in all the traffic but had a wonderfull day.
The club used to organise the scrambling events on Shotover Park. They were fine times, I took my 250 B S A round the course a few time but not in the races, but it was fun. We used to marshall for the racing at Blanford Forumand Devizes.

Not many girls rode bikes in those early days. It was a bit of a puzzle for the police. One night in particular I was stopped 4 times between  the club meet in Cowley and where I lived in Kidlington. They asked who’s bike it was and had I got a license to ride it. This happened quite often untill more girls started riding bikes.
I kept the B S A for about 18 months and then traded it in for a Matchless 500, a lovelly bike. My brother and I went to the TT on the Isle of Man with the club and then toured around the Blackpool area for a following week. I had many happy times, they were a very friendly  and dedicated bunch of lads.

Biking gets into the blood I suppose and both my sons have had varrious bikes over the years, both britsh and now Japanese. My youngest still loves his bikes and ride as often and as far as he can. At the momment he has a Honda GL1500  Aspencade and a Honda CBR1000F H. I havent riden now for about 20 years but I still miss it so much. When my sons had thier B S A’s Triumph and Norton, I was still fit enough to have a go. I had to test them for them just to make sure they were as fast as they should be, wink wink!!

I am so pleased to find out that the club is still going as I enjoyed my time with them. I hope this little bit of info will be of help for your history section. I am now in my 84th year and still watch the racing on the telly. The speeds that the new bike are travelling round the Isle of man these days is nothing short of incredible.

Mrs Ruby Freeman (Strong)