Norton TrophyThe Norton Trophy was presented to Ixion in 1958 by 'Norton Motors Ltd' and was awarded to the winners of the inter-centre team scramble in the South Midland Centre.

The Trophy was last used for this event in 1969 and the winning team comprised; Dougie Wheeler-Pat Lamper and Frank Underwood.

We recycled this cup for trials use in 1994. From 1994 the cup was awarded to the outright winner of the Norton trophy Trial or the best Pre 65 in the club series.



Year Winner
2019 Nick James
2018 Not Run
2017 Jason North
2016 Jason North
2015 Tim Blackmorer
2014 Alan Taylor
2013 Tim Blackmore
2012 J. Williamson
2011 Alan Taylor
2010 Alan Taylor
2010 Alan Taylor
2009 Darren Snell
2008 Darren Snell
2007 Darren Snell
2006 Darren Snell
2005 Ken O'Brien
2004 Ken O'Brien
2003 Ken O'Brien
2002 Ken O'Brien
2001 Ken O'Brien
Year Winner
2000 Kieran McCullagh
1999 Kieran McCullagh
1998 Ken O'Brien
1997 Kevin McCullagh
1996 Sean McCullagh
1995 Kevin McCullagh
1994 Darren Snell
Year Winner
1969 Oxford Ixion
1959 Oxford Ixion