2017/2018 Events


Date Event Place Entry Form/ Results Entry List

11th June

Charity Trial. Open, Round 5 Club Champs 2017, , South Midland Championship



10th September

Ivan Davis, Open Beckley Results  

8th October

James Cup, Open, Meteor round and Norton Trophy Howe Wood Results  

31st December

Round 1 Club Champs 2018 Beckley Results  

28th January

Round 2 Club Champs 2018 Standlake Results  

4th March

Harold Avery Cup 2018, Open

Beckley Cancelled  

30th March

Round 3 Club Champs 2018

Beckley Results  

13th May

Round 4 Club Champs 2018

Standlake Woods Results  

10th June

Harold Avery trial, Round 5 Club Champs 2018 and Charity Trial

Beckley Results  

9th September

Ivan Davis/Norton Trophy




7th October

James Cup/ Meteor Group

Howe Woods


Entry Form


30th December

Round 1 Club Champs 2019



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