Report Ken O'Brien

A good midweek entry of 52 contested the first round of IXION's 2007 campaign at a sunny but wet " The Warren ". Sections included woodland -streams- rocks and very steep banks, Michael Johnson beta took the expert honours with a loss of 29. Section 1 with it's tight turns taking 10 of these . In the 50/50 class John Hawthorne 250 beta had a 3 mark advantage over Oxford regular Mark Elms on his immaculate Scorpa who just lost concentration a little on section 6 a really muddy section made up of low growing branches and super slick banks and cambers.

On the alternative route arguably the ride of the day came from clubman class rider Adrian Steele 4 stroke Sherco losing only 1 ,In second spot was London raider 4rt mounted Peter Hampton on 6.

In the British bike "unit class" Alan Taylor Faber BSA just lost out to Martin Wilmore Cotswold special on the fc rule but both enjoyed low scoring rides all the same, The pre- unit class was a lot different with Ken O'Brien riding his 500 Matchless struggling on many of the wooded subs.

Sole Twinshock rider Mark Stokes rode well on an immaculate 175 Majesty although sec.12 a very steep climb took marks on all visits, lack of grunt you could say.

Perpetual novice and international grasstrack rider Dickie Harbud on his ageing Gas Gas aced this particular class with an impressive 52 mark advantage over ever improving young Mark Howkins who unfortunatley had to take a good few 5's to finish after drowning his motor at section 7 a steep drop into and out again three times of a not so rocky but deep stream.

On the blue route pre-race favourite K P McCullagh 4RT showed no sympathy running out a clear winner,The icing on the christmas cake was enough observers


Class Name Machine Marks Lost
Expert Michael Johnson  Beta 29
  Sean McCullagh Beta 35
  Dan Clarke Scorpa 43
  Tim Lightfoot Mont 4RT 66
Inter Chris Poel Gas Gas 73
50/50 John Hawthorne Beta 26
  Mark Elms Scorpa 29
  Tom Hinkley Mont 4RT 35
  Darren Walters    Gas Gas 37---31cl
  Ian Bridstone Beta 37---30cl
Standard (White)      
Clubman Adrian Steele Scorpa 1
  Peter Hampton 4RT 6
  Gordon Faulkner 4RT 9
  Simon Dowling Scorpa 10
Pre 65 Unit Martyn Wilmore Cotswold 4 FC
  Alan Taylor Faber Bsa 4
Pre Unit Ken O'Brien Matchless 59
T/Shock Mark Stokes Majesty 31
Novice Richard Harbud Gas Gas 55
Blue Easy Route K P mcCullagh 4RT 8
  Tom Collett Beta 20
  John Young Gas Gas 26
  Phil Howkins 4RT 28