Report by ' The Hare '

Common Field Clumps was the venue and 40 plus turned out for the final Ixion saturday afternoon meeting of the summer ,Maybe the nationwide or local bad weather had put a few off, On this note the course plotters decided " we don't want a national on our hands if the heavens open ".

We set off in the sun but two laps later it was monsoon time Oxford style ,Brilliant a bit of mud at last,

Sean McCullagh 270 Beta excelled in these conditions taking the expert class with ease , 4 superb cleans on sub 8 a turn through bottomless bog the line altering on every visit.

Darren Walters showed the boys the way to go on the 50/50 course putting in some impressive rides on section 2 a rocky drop down to the observer then turning up along a steep camber.

On the alternative route Adrian Steele 4T Scorpa put in the best performance with a miserly 19 marks dropped topping the Clubman class, He's getting on a bit now but can ride the mud better than most.

Tim Perris Beta 220 the Novice class top man asked how come there is no dust. 

BSA mounted Alan Taylor put his standard top drawer performance in and the Pre 65 award was secure once again, The little Beeza gripping like a good thing through the long deep section ten.

Ken 'smiley' O'Brien Cotswold 200 cleaned up in the Twinshock class with a loss of 27 holding off the the young pretenders for another day, 'smiley' cleaning local van hire guru Mark Howkins section 9 on two occasions, It was'nt easy, A deep natural spring had to be crossed twice the wet stuff pulling up the bank as every machine passed through.

Local weatherman K P McCullagh 4RT had his forecast right and was flat out all day missing the torrent altogether on the easded blue route, Loaded and gone whilst the less aquainted were still choosing their saturated lines ,Many welcome observers showed today.


Class Name Machine Marks Lost
Expert Sean McCullagh Beta 17
50/50 Darren Walters Gas Gas 29
Alterative Route      
Novice Tim Perris Gas Gas 67
Clubman     Adrian Steele Sherco 4T 19
Pre 65 Alan Taylor BSA B40 41
Twinshock Ken O'Brien Cotswold 27
Youth B Brad Cox Gas Gas 74
Blue Eased Route K P McCullagh 4RT 5
  Ron Walters Gas Gas 62
  Tom Collett Beta 68


All off to the Pub and as they say DA FHEABHAS E ANT T-OL IS E AN TART A DHEIREADH