Report Ken O'Brien

Pics Gary Dowzall

Stuart Robinson 320 Gas Gas made the the short journey from Hagbourne a worthwhile one taking  top spot in the expert class at IXION's 1st round of their 2008 champs at the  bleak and blusterly Cox's farm. To the amazement of veteran observer Tom Mitson  after a brilliant clean on section 2 a narrow down hill gully crossing stuart hardly put a foot wrong and went on to record a convincing victory over up and coming rider Scott Faulkner who was best inter on the day. 50/50 rider Simon Dowling put in some impressive rides on the scorpa with 4 cleans on the tricky 7th a combination of sand -mud-rocks and steep banks many marks were lost here. On the standard route Adrian Steele Scorpa posted the best score losing 15 in the clubman class but a terrific ride by Alan Taylor ' old Bultaco ' stormed the the twinshock class parting with only 16 marks after 4 laps of 10, Jim Axford's section 8 is where alan showed real experience blasting through a 20 metre bottomless bog with a left hand uphill exit prodding once on each visit,Tony Sulivan 500 Matchless regained his composure after an early setback footing his way through sub 3 a nadgery rooty steep camber and made the most of his 4 stroke power with a controlled ride to take the pre 65 class in style, A scattering of ' eased blue ' course riders turned out for this Christmas trial and scores ranged between 19 and 154 K P McCullagh returning to the parc ferme after shedding a modest 19, Young 'c' class brothers Ben and Martin Hayes both yam 80 finished in that order showing much grit and determination on section 4 a really hard sub a steep downhill camber -tight left hander and back up over a fallen tree it was a tough christmas nut to crack . Many thanks to the 3 ! observers and all of the riders that picked a board up to help make the meeting possible, a new years resolution to all ' try to bring an observer it's good fun in the wind and rain '.


Class Rider Bike Points
Expert Stuart Robinson Gas Gas 8
  Chris Poel Montessa 93
Inter Scott Faulkner Scorpa 48
  Marcus Shirley Gas Gas 83
  Simon Dowling Scorpa 63
Alt 'White'      
Youth B Bradley cox Gas Gas 87
Novice Alex Collet Beta 81
Twin Shock Alan Taylor  Bultaco 16
Brit Bike Tony Sullivan Matcheless 46
  Peter Collins Ariel 112
Clubmen Adrian Steele Sherco 15
  Gordon Faulkner 4RT 28
  Andy Perry Beta 4T 31
  Ady Mathews Scorpa 36
'Blue Route' Kevin McCullagh Beta 19
  Ron Waters Gas Gas 37 MC
  Sam Cherry Montessa 37
  R Lewis Sherco 46
Youth C Ben Hayes Yamaha 74
  Martin Hayes Yamaha 158