Report by Smiley

Pics Gary Dowzall

Common Field Clumps was the venue for Oxford Ixion's third round clubchampionships,Cold but sunny weather greeted a good turnout of riders and withthe threat of rain most got a bit of a push on to tackle four laps of ten farmlandsections.

Intermediate Stepan Walters Beta ran out a clear winner on the Expert routetaking a superb clean on sub ten,A sharp Drop into a natural streambed thirtymetres of narrow gully to negotiate then a very tricky right hand climb and backinto the stream before the ends cards came into site.

Clubman rider Adrian Steele put in the best peformance on the standard routeposting twelve,Steele was good on section three a short blast accross an everdeepening bog with tree roots to take in if you got through.

Rob Faulkner TY 250 was best Twinshock just getting the drop on Alan Taylor, Subseven a really tough old fashioned 60 metre blast though marshland needed Endurostyle tactics which Rob provided no problem.

Kevin Allen 'souped up' Bantam took the Pre 65 class 53 was his tally 20 ahead ofbsa C15 mounted Matt Mullen.

On the Blue eased route 'Ageing Barnet Bashers' Mick and Rob Edwards made thetrip up from london a worthwhile one with Rob taking third spot in this class,young Sam Cherry 315R montesa was the victor getting the better Ixion Veteran Kevin McCullagh for the first time.


Class  Name  Machine  Marks Lost 
Expert Chris Poel  4RT  93
Inter Stefan Walters  Beta  29 
  Scott Faulkner Scorpa 35
Alt Route      
Novice Jon Plant  Beta  59
Clubman Adrian Steele  Sherco  12
  Simon Perris  Scorpa   26
  David Radford  Gas Gas  34
Twinshock  Rob Faulkner TY250 15
  Alan Taylor Bultaco 25
  Ken O'Brien Cotton  50
Pre 65 Kevin Allen Bantam 53
  Matt Mullen BSA 73
  Chris Waddup  DMW 154
Blue Eased Route      
Youth B Thomas Plant Beta 97
Adult Riders Sam Cherry Mont 25
  Kevin McCullagh Beta 30
  Rob Edwards Fantic 50
  John Young Gas Gas 64
  Dick Barrett  Beta  68
  Teeny Smith  Beta  96
  Mick Edwards  Fantic  121