Report by Ken O'Brien 

Pics Gary Dowzall

A round of the South Midland expert champs was the main event today at a sunny Lower Riding where the James Challenge Cup took place.

After a couple of recounts it was Anti post favourite Beta powered Chris Koch who took the win by a very narrow one mark advantage over welcome Expert Gary Chandler who had travelled across from Cambridge.

The sections were hard and sub four proved to be one the toughest of the three laps of sixteen woodland hazards,Chandler was best on this one recording a couple of two's early on, it comprised of a fairly steep drop down a sandy camber and a devil of turn to be faced with what could only be described as a big rooty clump.

Arguably Koch's trial was won at section eight with three single prods on this very slick grassy drop to the streams edge then an ultra loose climb out over a big Oak root although Nene Valley raider Steve Swanson gunned his 4RT up for a single dab after three visits.

On the standard White Route it was that man again Adrian Steele who is most definitely getting to grips with the new Gas Gas running out a comfortable winner in the Clubman class,Steele taking section Ten in his stride after a couple of steadying dabs on the first lap,this was a dry loose camber high in the woods with roots to cross before feeding the power in to find grip for the final assent .

Best Novice Andy Perry recorded the second best score on the standard route piloting his four stroke Beta around for a loss of thirteen, Andy  rode superbly on sub twelve a very steep and loose offset camber .

Rob Faulkner was best Twinshock steering the 250 Yam around to a comfortable win although the opposition was depleted somewhat after Alan Taylor suffered a double puncture on the Bultaco.

Bantam specialist Mark Howse made short work of the PRE 65 class thrashing  riding companion Pete ( moaner-you are not allowed to ride the easy route yet ) Hampton Tiger cub by a whooping fifty.

Blue route riders also had it a little tougher today where Kevin McCullagh 4RT got the better of Richard smith with section twelve proving to be a bit of a problem with some very greasy turns.


Class Name Machine    Marks Lost
James Cup Chris Koch Beta 42
1st Class award Gary Chandler Sherco 43
2nd Class award John Cowley Sherco 61
Inter Stefan Walters Beta 181
Standard Route      
Novice Andy Perry Beta 4T 13
PRE 65 Mark Howse Bantam 44
Twinshock Rob Faulkner TY 250 37
Clubman Adrian Steele Gas Gas 11
1st class Nigel Tomkins Beta 18
2nd Class Jim Parker Scorpa 27
Eased Blue Route K P McCullagh Montesa 17
1st Class Rich Smith Beta 27
2nd Class Bob Twigg Beta 47