Report Ken O'Brien

Pics Gary Dowzall

Common Hill Clumps was the venue for Ixions club champs round two and Easter Egg Trial,an entry of fifty plus enjoyed four laps of ten sections that erred on the easy side as much rain was forecast.

This didn't happen and as a result very few marks were lost as Intermediate Darren Walters proved with a loss of only seven on the Hard Route having a two on the rooted turns of section Ten.

On the alternative route Novice Sam Cherry 250 Montesa looked at ease but a lapse of concentration on lap four sub five cost him a clean sheet and the same applied to Clubman rider Barry Ward although Barry's dab went down on the Boggy section two a right hand drop over a willow and a short blast through the deep stuff.

Alan Taylor riding his Emerging Classic 325 Bultaco had a good day proding on three different occasions.

A handful of Youth B riders tackled this tricky middle course and Beta 125 powered Charlie Langston aced the field with a slender one point advantage over the Gas Gas mounted Ben Hayes.

On the Blue eased route only one clean sheet was recorded and that belonged to Kevin McCullagh.

Rob Faulkner was putting his Yamaha 175 Trail bike though its paces and placed a miserly dab in preparation for the sphinx long distance Trial.this was no mean feat as Rob had to complete his laps with one Foot Peg broken off.

Many welcome observers were at work on their sections but the Raffle draw for these people didn't take place as the wine got left in the van but it never went to waste! Cheers...


Class  Rider Bike  M/L 
Expert Sean McCullagh 4RT 14
Inter Darren Walters Beta 7
Youth A Tom Mathews Sherco 37
Alt Route      
Novice Sam Cherry Mont 1
Twinshock Alan Taylor Bultaco 3
Clubman Barry Ward Sherco 1
Youth B Charlie Langston Beta 14
Blue easy route      
  Kevin McCullagh Beta 0
  Rob Faulkner DT175 1
  Paul Wickson TY250 3
  Chris Waddup DMW 73