Report Mr Bog Kendo Trotter

Pics Gary Dowzal


A Tie-Break was brought into play to separate Experts Stefan Walters and Guy Kenyon-Bell who parted with 16 marks a piece in this the final round of the Ixion championships for 2009 where a good entry took in 4 laps of Ten in the Autumnal sunshine at Steeple hill corner.

Walters getting the verdict on most cleans with good rides on the bottomless section five which culminated in a slick turn up around the The Old Oak Tree.

Kenyon-Bell was on the case though with a perfect score on Jim Axfords section Eight a 30 metre slot with rooted turns where choice of line was crucial.

Seventeen riders tackled the Standard route with James Fletcher taking the Novice class ahead of Sam Cherry and in the process put four clean rides in on the downhill wooded section seven.

Best performance on this route was that of Gas Gas mounted Adrian Steele with a loss of four in the popular Clubman class Steele finding the off-set camber of six a little tricky with a couple of prods on laps one and four.

Two marks separated the Twinshock boys and Alan Taylor 350 Bultaco made it all look too easy parting with seven penalties which included a dab on section two an uphill affair twisting through gorse before heading down to the cattle track over a fallen Bough.

Ken O'Brien was out on a brand spanker Beta 300T but looked clearly out of place with wellingtons and Boiler suit which are more often to be seen when campaigning the Cotton or Matchless.

Young Ben Hayes put in some excellent rides today and was rewarded with top spot in the Youth B

A fine show of men and boys took on the Blue eased route and pre-race favourite Paul Wickson duly obliged with with a loss of fifteen piloting the trusty Yam pinky around a course that you could certainly describe as a little wet in places.


Class Rider  Machine  Marks Lost
Expert Stefan Walters Beta 16 mc
  Guy Kenyon-Bell Mont 16
Inter Mark Howkins Beta 39
Standard Route      
Youth A Alec Resek Sherco 88
Youth B Ben Hayes Gas Gas 16
Clubman Adrian Steele Gas Gas 4
  A.Kenyon-Bell Sherco 6
Novice James Fletcher Mont 11
Twinshock Alan Taylor Bultaco 7
  Darren Walters Fantic 9
Blue Eased Route Paul Wickson Ty 250 15
  Chris Joyner Mont 23