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2011 Harold Avery Trial

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Pics Gary Dowzall Event Gallery =====

A quality entry of 89 riders contested the 60th annual running of the Harold Avery Cup Trial at the excellent Lower Riding venue where three laps of eight double subs were taken in.
Centre Expert Champion Chris Koch took the Trophy for the third time the first being 1982 losing 17 marks two of which were lost on section one 'The Wall' a twisty uphill affair with slick loose rocks to overcome before a gripless climb to the second sub.
Young Tom Haslam seems to be following in the family tradition and put in a good performance to ace the Youth A class riding the hard route.
This event Incorporated a round of the South Midland Centre Intermediate Novice and 50/50 champs with the novice going to John Langston who piloted his 250 Gasser around for a loss of 31 on the standard white route.John was good on section sixteen having a solitary dab on lap one of this fairly tough rooted sub with a fallen tree to hop over just before the ends cards.
For his troubles John takes home the Spring Cup.
Intermediates rode the 50/50 course as did the the class runners and best Inter was Kevin Miller who excelled on the long wooded climb of sub four the 300 Gasser powering him to the summit clean on every visit.
50/50 top dog was Chris Mitchard who just edged out Nick Wilford by three points.
The Phillip Howkins memorial trophy (best adult performance on the Standard route) went to western centre raider Tim Wheeler who managed to get around on his 200 Majesty for a loss of one although the furthest clean tie-break was used to find a winner.
Lee Bond was best Youth B on 36 whilst Mark Howse zipped around on the little Bantam in record time to claim the Best British Bike award.
On the Blue eased route Jason Gooch 250 Majesty put a controlled ride in losing four.
Unfortunately we had some idiot riders tearing about up and down the road and lane and we have been reported to the local parish council and the police were called by a nearby grazing resident..There must be no starting of machines until the machine examiner sets you on your way in the future if there is a future this is very serious.


Class Name Bike M/L
Premiere Chris Koch 300 Beta 17
Expert Ben King 300 Gas 33
Stefan Walters Beta 250 58
Youth A Tom Haslam Beta


Jordan Fletcher Gasser 62
50/50 Chris Mitchard Beta 33
Nick Wilford Yam 36
Intermediate Kevin Miller Gas 42
Mark Jaggard Gas 42
Paul Garrett Beta 63
Standard White Route
Phillip Howkins Cup Tim Wheeler Majesty 1 f/c
Clubman Rob Faulkner Scorpa 1
Andy Perry Beta 2 f/c
Adrian Steele Gas 2
Pre 65 Mark Howse Bsa 21
Twinshock Mark Stokes Ossa 6
Novice and Spring Cup
John Langston Gas 31
Youth B
Lee Bond Gas 36

Blue Route Jason Gooch Majesty 250 4

Neil Osman Ariel 500 5

Ken O'Brien Cotton 250 7
Pete(dabber)Hampton Beta 250 9