Rob Faulkner

Mark Howkins

Darren Wheeler

Martin Wilmore

New Bike Paint fumes......

Adam Webb

2012 Club Champs 2nd Round


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Bletchingdon Scramble Track was the venue for Ixions 2nd round club championship where 45 riders of varying skill levels tackled four laps of nine sections.

Expert Rob Faulkner aced the hard route with a loss of 6 marks with section five taking four of these,it was a fairly awkward sub with a mix of muddy rooted turns rocks and a sharpish slick climb out.

Gas Gas mounted Darren Wheeler was runner up on 14 losing eight of his tally on sub 4 a tricky descent leading to a low growing willow branch before turning into a muddy slot and out through a cambered climb.

Jack Williamson lost 30 today and took the best Intermediate class win.

On the standard white route Martin Wilmore was the only clean rider in the Clubman class with son Ben in second place on a creditable 6 marks lost however Adrian Steele sporting a brand new 300 Gas Gas was on for a clean sheet but for a soft five on the double sub of 6/7 with the excuse of new exhaust paint fumes wafting up and made me loose concentration didn't wash with the official on duty I'm afraid.

Geoff  Pratt 325 Bultaco lost one to take the Twinshock class Geoff riding the steep downhill drop with a very severe right handed climb to the ends of section one perfect at every visit.

Friendly rivalry in the Pre 65 class saw Tim Blackmore come out on top with an accomplished ride on the BSA Bantam although he was hanging on for a dab at section 2 a little beauty with a loose drop and equally loose climb before eventually turning for the welcome sight of the end cards.

The Blue eased route as always was well supported with all vying for that illusive clean sheet but it's not as easy as it looks and only veteran rider Tony Sulivan C15 280 managed to complete and be the Zero Hero for today.

Rob Faulkner Sherco
Darren Wheeler Gasser 14
Jack Williamson 125 Sherco 30
Standard White Route

Martin Wilmore Scorpa


Ben Wilmore Gasser 6
Adrian Steele Gasser 7m/c
Glen Pettit Gasser 7
Twinshock Geoff Pratt 325 Bultaco 1
Pre 65 Tim Blackmore Bantam 2
Youth A
Alec Resek Beta 54
Youth B Luke Townsend Gasser 84

Blue Route Tony Sulivan BSA C15 280 0

Mark Anderson Beta 4 m/c

Declan Webb Gasser 4


Full results can be found here .