Darren Wheeler

Nigel Tomkins

Pete Hampton

Ron Walters

Ryan Harris

Harry Coleman

2012 Ivan Davis Cup Trial

Report Ken O'Mud

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Dry conditions prevailed throughout the proceedings for this event with the premiere award 'The Ivan Davis Cup' going to the best performance by an adult rider on the standard white route any machine.
Four laps of ten sections were plotted five of which were along the dry Steeple Hill bank itself with a selection of long winding hills and an occasional sharp camber.
Western Centre raider Nigel Tomkins steered the 250 Beta home with a loss of 16 to take the Ivan Davis and in the process cleaned the first six subs at every visit.
This was a trial of two halves and the riders knew that somewhere along the line there would be mud as this venue is notorious for it with natural underground streams popping up all over.
Good rides from Tomkins at sub 7 a natural Spring muddy uphill affair with a right hander over a Culvert to finish took many marks and the two cleans on lap three and four were the deciding factor for his win.
Darren Wheeler took the expert best in a class on the hard route losing 27 six of which went astray on sub 9 a fairly straight forward looking muddy slot but there were roots deep down that caught out many riders.
On the Standard White route Best Twinshock was Stefan Walters 200 Fantic the steep climbs cambers and drops of section 4 proving delicate throttle and brake and clutch control rule in No-Stop sections.
Over from London way was Harry Coleman who made the trip worthwhile with a win in the Youth B category whilst Tom O'Sullivan was best Youth A on the hard course.
Two British bike veterans were about today both on Two-Stroke machinery it was Pete Hampton versus good friend Nick James with Pete just getting the verdict as Nick weighed in a few too many fives after machine gremlins struck on more than one occasion usually at the bottom of a muddy slot.
On the the Blue eased course Ron Walters was Epic on his little Fantic parting with a miserly 8 putting a faultless performance in on section eight a turn though bog a nasty camber and a slick bank to finish.
Centre official Chris Hurworth was over for a days Trialing and brought along the big BSA Goldstar which he put around the sections with relative ease the big Goldie could be heard echoing through the woods as he was on full chat trying to exit the last section of the day.
Youth C was a close fought battle with Ryan Harris just getting home two in front of Alicia Robinson both enjoying their day out at Oxford in the mud.
Keep your eyes peeled for our next trial the 'James Cup' at Lower Riding.


Red Route

Expert Darren Wheeler
Tom Matthews Sherco 35
Intermediate Chris Wickham Beta 35
Youth A Tom O'Sullivan Gasser 69
White Route

Ivan Davis Cup
Nigel Tomkins
Clubman Alan Taylor
Scorpa 19
Twinshock Stefan Walters
Fantic 27
Youth B
Harry Coleman
Beta 51
Brit Bike Pete Hampton Bantam 64
Nick James Dot 91
Blue Route
Ron " Sparks " Walters
Fantic 8

Richard Gardiner
Gas 13
Mark Anderson Beta 17
Paul Wickson TY 250 20
David Faulkner Beta 20
Chris Hurworth Goldstar 21
Youth B
Ryan Harris
Beta 125

Alicia Robinson
Beta 80

Full results can be found here .