Jack Williamson

Martin Wilmore

Paul Casling

Graham Lavis

Paul Mealyer

Jason North

2012 Norton Trophy Trial

Report Ken 'Bog Trotter' O'Brien

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A gathering of  riders set off in the morning sun to attempt four laps of ten very testing sections at an extremely muddy Cox's farm best Pre 65 machine on the hard route would collect the Norton Trophy.
This event was also a round of the South Midland classic championship.
After pondering for ten minutes or so at section one a straight up blast Darren wheeler set the line for most others to follow,although the gates were a good ten metres apart the inside line was the best option as riders who strayed from this found out at their peril as they were sucked into the marshy hillside.
The premiere award went to Jack Williamson on a very standard Triumph Tiger cub Jack having to work hard for it though as his loss of 57 was only two in front of  Alan Taylor on a similar machine.
Jim Axfords section 3 looked simple enough a steady drop down though the woods with a massive turning circle before attempting the long sixty yard blast up a fairly lenient gradient but unfortunately grip was at a minimum so most had to settle for a very tiring three.
Paul Casling 250 Dot and Jason North 200 Cub were the only two Bangers to reach the summit for a clean but only one a piece both on the first lap.Paul going on to take the Two Stroke honours.  
At one stage people were commenting to me they thought the local gun club were a bit too close but it turned out to be Neil Osman's big 500 Ariel going horribly wrong with a timing or carburation problem Neil just managing to nurse the big thumper back to Parc Ferme.
There was a class for Twinshocks today and the best performance went to Martin Wilmore forcing the 340 Yamaha around for a loss of 29 putting four superb cleans in at section two 'Roberts Copse' a very tricky downhill job dropping off a camber before negotiating left then right around a big Oak then a left hander across a peat bog with a bomb hole to finish.
There was an easier course on offer today and to be fair there wasn't much in it as most subs were mud mud and more mud.
Former expert rider in days gone by Graham Lavis 240 Fantic was in his element with these conditions and was rewarded for his effort with best performance losing 32.
After a brilliant clean on section 4 first lap Graham lost most of his tally here as did all, as it turned out this newly cut sub became very slick after the grippy long grass had been spun away.
Paul Mealyer BSA 175 was on 36 and after a steadying two and a one on section seven rode this thirty yard watery slot to perfection on his remaining two visits.
Ixion snapper Gazza was on hand to ensure the watery slurry kept flowing with his wellington boot breaking the Dams as many riders tried to stem the tide with gardening tactics.
Julian Wade BSA 350 Rigid had his work cut out today but soldiered on to the finish and the class win with maximum championship points.
Pre Unit victor John Eckhart enjoyed his day as did Chris Hurworth who piloted his 250 Beesa around this boggy venue for creditable 58.


Norton Cup and best Unit construction Jack Williamson Cub 57
Alan Taylor Cub 59

Jason North 62
Twin Cylinder
Brian Williamson Triumph 500 105
Two Stroke Paul Casling Dot 67
Darren Wheeler Gasser 15

Ben Wilmore Montessa 35
Twinshock Martin Wilmore Yamaha 340 29

Nigel Tomkins Yamaha 200 31
Rigid (eased sections)
Pre Unit
John Eckhart Triumph 500 68
Chris Hurworth BSA 250 58
Julian Wade BSA 350 74
Two Stroke
Paul Mealyer Bantam 36
Twin Shock
Graham Lavis 240 Fantic 32
Modern Rob Lewis Sherco 43


Full results can be found here .