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Alecia Robinson


2013 Ivan Davis Cup.

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall,  others can be found here

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different centres  to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a primarily novice event as the best adult performance on the standard route takes the pot.
Four laps of 10 sections were plotted with hazards ranging from dusty climbs to muddy slots.
Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued and was due at 1 o'clock.
Adrian Steele 250 Beta lost four to lift the silverware and two of these went astray at section three a series of drops and climbs into a very slick gully.
Phil Ducker also Beta mounted took runner-up spot on six with Phil dropping two at the tough section six a steep climb and drop then a very tricky grassy camber before exiting over roots.
The battle of the Twinshocks was all about the Walters immaculately turned out Fantic machines with Stefan edging out brother Darren and dad Ron putting a controlled ride in on the eased course.
A hard course was available for Expert status riders and Kurt Brain over from the Wessex centre made it all look to easy with an inch perfect ride although he had his work cut out at section five thirty yards of deep bog eight yards wide and then onto dry land to the ends cards up around an old oak.
Best Youth A on the hard route was Victoria Payne 125 Beta finishing a creditable sixth.
On the Blue easy course Ixion Veteran Paul Wickson 250 Pinky rolled back the years to take the win in style losing a miserly eight marks although Paul always was the ' Ixion mud specialist '.
Another brilliant performance from young Alicia Robinson taking second spot considering only 80cc machinery  (youth c) available to her with the steep and damp grassy 60 yard climbs proving no problem.
As predicted the rain came in but it didn't spoil the day as all were gone from the paddock with only club officials taking a soaking for their troubles.
If you like big hill climbs get along to our next trial at the Lower Riding.
Many thanks to all observers.




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