Guy Kenyon-Bell

Ali Haigh

Mark Kenyon-Bell


Alex Ross


2013 Club Champs 2nd Round

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall,  others can be found here

Mud glorious mud and all 64 entrants had a brilliant bit of fun at Holly Farm for the second round of the Ixion club championship.

Four laps of eight sections were ridden where old fashioned muddy climbs and gullies were the order off the day.

Eventual Expert class winner Guy Kenyon-Bell 17 marks lost was the only rider to clean section one twice a sub that started with a downhill slide before finding grip to traverse a low growing bough once over this hazard it was into the deep stuff before burning out to the ends.

Runner-up Darren Wheeler four adrift on 21 was good on section two 'Axfords Ditch' this was a tough one alright, twelve yards of bog to cross and then an awkward lace of roots before dropping into the ditch with a steep banked climb to the ends.

Sean McCullagh out for the first time in 18 months turned up with his 250 Beta outfit and decided to go solo and that was it off with the chair and after a few minor adjustments later was in action.

A good decision as remarkably he was the only rider to clean hard route sub eight every lap, it was bad enough getting to the start cards five or so bike lengths away and once you did it was hang on all the way through this swampy rocky sixty metre 3rd gear morass.


Best standard route rider was Clubman Ali Haigh getting the better of Jon Pettit but only by a single dab.

Jon Excelled at section three powering the 315R Mont to the summit of this uphill 40 yard fourth gear scorcher with a twenty yard run up to gain speed and grip many riders peeling off to have another go.

Tom Dunkley 250 Beta took the best Novice whilst Liam Anderson was best youth A and Frazer Strutt topped the Youth B class.


A well turned-out Blue eased route contingent of 27 riders had their work cut out in the prevailing conditions with Kevin McCullagh showing all a clean pair of heels on 11.

Steve Dowling of Grasstrack fame Rattled the screaming TY 175  around for a creditable 27 lost and Alex Ross only one behind on the big Royal Enfield

Guy Kenyon-Bell Gasser 17

Darren Wheeler Gasser 21

Sean McCullgh Beta 24
Inter George Marshall Beta 54
Youth A
Liam Anderson Beta 76
Standard White Route
Ali Haigh Beta 22

Jon Petit Beta 23

Adrian Steele Gasser 32

Alan Taylor Scorpa 32

Chris Eckert Mont 39


Tom Dunkley Beta 43

Mark Kenyon-Bell Beta 52

Youth B Frazer Strutt Gasser 76
Blue Route Kevin McCullagh Beta 11

Brian Taylor Mont 19

Mark Wallington Gasser 19

Paul Wickson TY Pinky 20
Youth C Alicia Robinson Beta 80 38


Full results can be found Results .