Guy Kenyon Bell

Adrian Steele

Alan Taylor

Rob Walker

Brian Ayres

Rowan Hill

2014 Ivan Davis Trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, others can be found at

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different centres  to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a primarily novice event with the best adult performance on the standard white route taking the pot.
Four laps of 10 sections were plotted with hazards ranging from dusty climbs to muddy slots.
Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued and was due at 1 o'clock.
Adrian Steele 250 Beta lost ten to lift the silverware and seven of these went astray at section two a series of drops and climbs into a very slick gully.
Adrian was at his best though at section 1 being the only rider to clean every lap it was tricky alright a left hand cambered turn then inch perfect to cross a three foot branch before a very boggy turn then dropping into to say the least slick stream exit.
A creditable ride from Alan Taylor putting the little Tiger Cub around on 32 for runner-up spot  and taking the best Pre 65 award.
Mark Kenyon-Bell was best Novice with some impressive rides on section four a drop to a massive oak turning through bog before blasting to dry land and then a series of turns to the finish.
On the eased Blue course another Tiger-Cub was on parade and it was piloted around for a miserly two dabs by Ixion veteran Rob Walker just getting the better of Ex scrambler Brian Ayres who's 200 Fantic would have won best turned out machine at any event.
Rowan Hill pipped dad David by a single prod in the Novice class but it was a soft two for Dave at sub three that cost him the win after going astray on the marshy crossing.
Youth C Bret Harbud 125 Gas Gas was in good form again with a brilliant ride losing seven marks that were all single dabs and he cleaned every sub at some stage.
The three Musketeers Davis Hargreaves and McHugh  all finished within a point of each other on 11 11 12 so much banter was heard at  the post meeting hearing in the local pub.
A handful of Expert status riders turned out and  RAF man Guy Kenyon-Bell 250 Gas Gas flew around the course in record time with a loss of eighteen marks with the class secured.

 Expert Guy Kenyon-Bell  GasGas 250  18
   Sean McCullagh  Beta 250  30
   Stefan Walters  Beta 250  39
 White Route      
 Clubman  Adrian Steele  Beta 250  16
  Chris Aylott  Montessa 250  44
 Pre-65  Alan Taylor  Triumph 200  32
 Novice  Mark Kenyon-Bell  GasGas 250  67
   Chris Hackett  Beta 250  71
 Blue Route      
 Pre-65  Rob Walker  Triumph 260  2
 TwinShock  Brian Ayres  Fantic 200  5
 Clubman  Paul Wickson  Yamaha 250  10
   Steve McHugh  Montessa 250  12
 Novice  Rowan Hill  Montessa 260  5
   David Hill  Montessa 260  6
 Youth C  Brett Harbud  GasGas125  7
   Oscar Jones  Beta 80  17


Full results can be found here .