Darren Wheeler

Adrian Steele

Simon Righton

Mark Wallington

Alicia Robinson 

Sam Cherry

2015 Club Champs Round 2

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, other pictures can be found at sliders.photography

60 plus riders turned out yesterday for the second round of the Ixion club championship held in brilliant winter sunshine although the temperature dipped dramatically towards the end of proceedings.

The venue today is the very popular Standlake wood our first time back here for three years.

Ten tricky sections were plotted to be ridden four times with a variety of gravely banks- muddy climbs - fallen trees and steep cambered rooty hills.

Darren wheeler 250 Gasser headed a classy turnout of 13 Expert riders a loss of 18 was his tally section three taking eight of these a rather large fallen tree to jump before dropping to an ever deepening gully and then a tight wall of death turn although Darren cleaned it on the last lap.

Youth A Harold Coleman was best in class with a creditable 46 marks lost Harry rode Jakes section seven a series of roots and muddy slots to perfection the first two visits but as the day wore on this hazard gradually got worse and most riders had to take steadying dabs to reach the ends.

Adrian Steele Beta 250 and Alan Taylor 199 Triumph battled it out for top spot on the Standard white route with Adrian getting the verdict by a single mark but both were happy as they rode different classes.

Alica Robinson Beta 80 up from the southern centre was having a great day and turned in a best youth B performance.
Alica went clean at section one an undulating affair with a couple of front wheel inch perfect turns then a short sharp climb to the ends cards.

Best Novice went to Tom Dunkley piloting the Beta to victory with great rides at sub three a series of sandy cambers and vertical banks.

On the blue eased course old friend Dai Clothier traveled over from Wales for a days sport and the trip was all the more worthwhile as he took best performance on a miserly dab.
Wycombe veteran Simon Dowling was runner-up on five but a slack two at section six first visit was always going to be hard to claw back.
A steep drop off the Enduro track with a fierce gravel climb to the observer before creeping along a narrow ledge to an awkward cambered drop finishing with a very tough uphill right hander over roots this sub was arguably the toughest of the event.
Craig Hargreaves was a mark adrift on six with four stroke power put the fore at section five it included a couple of really steep climbs and not for the faint hearted.

Many thanks thanks to all the observers and hope to see you all at the next event The Harold Avery Cup Trial.

 Red Route      
 Expert  Darren Wheeler  Beta  18
   Rob Margretts  Sherco  28
   Sean McCullagh  Gasser  28
 White Route      
 Clubman  Adrian Steele  Beta  6
   Jason Clifford  Beta  16
   Andy Perry  Beta  24
 Novice  Tom Dunkley  Beta  19
 Youth B  Alicia Robinson  Beta  17
 Pre-65  Alan Taylor  Cub  7
 Blue Route  Dai Clothier  Beta  1
   Simon Dowling  Beta  5
   Craig Hargreaves  4RT  6
   Jarrod Fisher  Beta  13
   Steve McHugh  4RT  15
   Tim Davis  4RT  16


Full results can be found here .