Guy Kenyon Bell

Steve Clarke

Jason Clifford

Brett Harbud

Rob Lewis 

Liam Anderson

2015 Club Champs Round 3

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, other pictures can be found at

Good Friday at Folly Farm Beckley was the venue for Ixions 3rd club champs where 60 plus riders set off to tackle 10 sections four times and a mix of mud roots climbs ditches and rocks sorted an outright winner in each class.


First up at section one was eventual Expert class winner RAF man Guy Kenyon Bell who made short work of this starter a steep drop to a ditch then a sharp slick climb before attempting a very tough sandy camber a clean here set the precedent for his rivals.
Guy went on to lose 30 marks 6 ahead of George Moore who put in some tidy rides on the 250 Mont at sub 10 a real muddy downhill uphill fourth gear blast George lost only one here after four visits.


The standard white route saw Steve Clarke 300 Gasser post the lowest score and best Clubman on 18 with exceptional rides at section two a cambered bank with a turn up over roots and to finish a nadgery boggy right hander where you had to be wheel inch perfect.

Ali Haigh took runner-up spot four adrift and travelling companion Phil Ducker a further two behind.


Jason Clifford was best Novice on 39 and Brett Harbud took best Youth B.


Alan Taylor was heading Pre 65 glory until gremlins struck and the Triumph Cub spluttered to a halt and so ended proceedings for the day.


The Blue eased course was well populated as ever with Rob Lewis posting a score of 36 with the twisting climb over roots of section six proving no problem.

250 montesa mounted Tim Davies wasn't far behind on 41 but a slack five on section four first lap put paid to any chance of the win.

This section however was a tough one third or fourth gear selected and hang on to the ends it had a thirty yard run-up to the begins and if you weren't quite on line you could peel off for another attempt.

As always many thanks to the observers for braving the cold with sunny intervals weather.


 Red Route      
 Expert Guy Kenyon-Bell   250 Gas  30
  George Moore   250 Mont  36
   Sean McCullagh  290 Sherco  49
 White Route      
 Clubman  Steve Clarke  300 Gasser  18
   Ali Haigh  250 Gas  22
  Phil Ducker  250 Gas   24
 Novice  Jason Clifford  250 Beta   39
 Youth B Brett Harbud   125 Gas  65
   Dale Freeman  80 Beta  66
 Blue Route  Rob Lewis  Sherco  36
   Tim Davies  Mont  41
   Craig Hargreaves  Mont  47
   Steve McHugh  4RT  56


Full results can be found here .