Tim Blackmore

Alan Taylor

Glen Howard

Brian Ayres

Julian Wade

Danny Wilson

2015 Norton Trophy Trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, other pictures can be found at sliders.photography

A lovely piece of silverware was up for grabs last weekend at the Norton Trophy Trial where promoters Oxford Ixion MCC put on a traditional muddy muddy muddy trial with a handful of big hill climbs thrown in for good measure.
A full lap of Cox's farm made for ten testing sections that were ridden three times with this event also being a round of the South Midland Classic Championship for Pre 65 and Twinshock machines.
Two routes were on offer today and the hard route victor and winner of the Norton pot was James 250 mounted Tim Blackmore.
Tim put in a good first lap of 6 but on the subsequent laps the mud had dragged up most of the sections and steadying prods had to be delivered at the precise moment to ensure minimal marks were lost he eventually finished on 30.
Glen Howard had a good day taking the best in class Twinshock 63 was his tally with section ten doing most of the damage a slick cambered sandy bank over roots before a drop into marshland then an exciting steep bank where you had to aim for the observer before exiting left over another tangle of roots .
Paul Casling rolled back the years to put the best performance in on his trusty 250 DOT losing 73  several of which went astray on the very wet sandy climbs of section six where the last steep sector became surprisingly grippy late on and the less experienced found themselves ( looping-it ) and going down quicker than they came up.
A couple of threes on the last lap were not enough to rob Paul of the win and went on take best Two Stroke.
The second route on offer today was not that easy and experience shone through with Ex classic Scrambler Brian Ayres out on his recently restored BSA 250, he made best Pre 65 on this eased course.
Scramble expertise came in very handy today as most sections were third and fourth gear blasts especially section eight a boggy start then a 70 yard flat out blast up a slick and steep bank shutting-off at just the right moment before turning to make the equally steep drop.
Rabbit Allen was revving the little 185cc Bantam to the limit in order to conquer the big climbs of section nine as the rain came down late-on to spoil the grip that was available earlier in the day.

Julian Wade BSA Goldstar was in his element with enough power on hand to clean the steepest and slickest of hills burning though the mud to get maximum grip best Rigid was the reward.
Danny Wilson persevered through the torrential rain on the little Bantam 175 and 98 marks later took the the best two Stoke award on the Blue eased course.
A few welcome club members came along with modern machinery for an easy day with Darren Wheeler topping the pile on the hard route as did Tim Davis and Nick Annetts in their respective classes on the eased option.

Many thanks to all the observers who braved the cold and rain.


 Norton Trophy  Tim Blackmore  James 250  30
Best Unit  Alan Taylor  Tiger Cub  38
Best Two Stroke  Paul Casling  250 Dot  73
Best Twinshock  Glen Howard  Fantic 212  63
Blue Route      
Best Unit  Brian Ayres  250 BSA  47
Best Rigid  Julian Wade  BSA 350  81

Best Two Stroke

Danny Wilson  Bantam  98
Best Twin Shock  Nick Annetts  200 Honda  55
Modern Hard  Daren Wheeler  Gasser  10
   Adrian Steele  Beta  26
   Jason Clifford  Beta  37
Modern Easy Tim Davis  Montessa  36
   Tim Roblett  Montessa  87


Full results can be found here .