Stefan Walters

Chris Koch

Darren Walters

Steve McHugh

Ryan Tomkins

Oscar Jones

2016 Ivan Davis Trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, others can be found at Aerial video can be found at youTube.

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different centres  to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a primarily Novice event with the best adult performance on the standard white route taking the pot.
Four laps of 10 sections were plotted with hazards ranging from dusty climbs to muddy slots.

Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued by the met office and was due at 1 o'clock.

Stefan Walters 200 Fantic won the the tie-break to take the silverware on a furthest clean decision after losing a single mark on the last lap at section four.
This was Jakes  a five yard ditch crossing with a selection of lines each one changing rapidly as the bikes tore the bank away, a quick look every lap was essential.

Keith Jenkins 300 Gasser also lost one but this occurred on his second lap at section three a drop into a wooded glen with a few turns over exposed roots before a slick left handed turn up over a lace of roots.

Darren Walters 240 Fantic took best Twinshock with a loss of three, section one taking a mark on his first visit, a twisting downhill affair before a muddy ascent to the ends and although Darren held his nerve after this dab it wasn't to be his day for the Cup.

Ryan Tomkins 250 Gas Gas was best Novice with a loss of two marks, Ryan had to take a steadying prod at section seven Axford's arguably the toughest sub of the day a steep drop into a stream a nadgery turn then a flat out blast back across 15 or so yards of bog.

On the blue eased route birthday boy and Ixion veteran Steve McHugh blasted around in record time on the 4RT two was his tally to take overall best performance making sure nobody spoiled the party.

Gordon Pusey classic 250 Yam showed a clean pair of heels to all bar one with a loss of four.

Nick James 250 Dot had a controlled ride with a loss of eighteen and was rewarded with best Pre 65 ahead of Roy Haines 250 Ariel Leader and Wayne Hutton 220 Tiger cub.

A handful of Experts turned out and Chris Koch showed them the way to go with a clean ride.

Many thanks to all the observers and hope to see you all at the next event .


Ivan Davis Cup Stefan Walters 200 Fantic 0
Novice Ryan Tomkins 250 Gas Gas 2
Twinshock  Darren Walters  240 Fantic  3
Youth B Oscar Jones 125 Beta 6
Blue Route  Steve McHugh 4RT  2
   Gordon Pusey  TY250  4
   Martin Bennet Sherco 16
   Simon Evins  Beta  16
Red Route      
Expert Chris Koch 260 Montessa 0
Youth A Gus Oblein 125 Sherco 3


Full results can be found here .