Richard Vockins

Adrian Steele

Finley Belcher

Steve McHugh


Martin Greeves

Vinney Branch

2017 Harold Avery Trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, others can be found at

A cold but sunny morning greeted a class entry of riders for the 70th running of this prestigious Open to Centre Trophy the ' Harold Avery Cup ' where in the past such great riders as John Avery Sammy Miller Don Smith Bill Faulkner Pat Lamper and John Reynolds have all been triumphant.

At the meeting today were Harold's Grandson - Great Grandson and Great Great Grandson, Mick Clarkson being the Grandson riding his Bantam 175 with great skill.

Twelve sections were plotted to be ridden three times with muddy ditches and slick woodland tracks including a new triple hill climb.

Heavy afternoon rain was forecast so time was of the essence and most pressed on to get an early finish before the heavens opened.

Sections were laid-out to accommodate for the ensuing weather so some riders used more T and O tactics than the finesse of of a Trials rider but with same results.

Farnham Royal Expert Richard Vockins 300 Beta took the main trophy with a loss of 15 seven of which went astray at section twelve an awkward cambered drop over a lattice of roots then a muddy slot before hopping over a tree to a sandy climb out.

Also tackling the hard route was Youth A class winner Bret Harbud with good rides at section two a steep drop to a soft turn then a fourth gear blast up an equally steep slick climb three cleans were recorded.

Intermediate Martin Greeves over from the Berko club made short work of the 50/50 class to take the win.

The other piece of silverware on offer today was the Phillip Howkins cup awarded for the best adult performance on the yellow middle route.

The Phillip Howkins Cup went to 250 Beta mounted clubman Adrian Steele with a loss of 18, runner-up Alan Taylor lost 20 Alan's mount was a bog standard 80's TY250.

Adrian was on a mission to beat the rain getting around in record time albeit shedding more marks than he would of liked but in end still managed to pull off the win.

Steele was inch perfect at section one a really tricky marshy downhill job then a controlled turn at the bottom before lining up for a third gear blast over a massive rooty outcrop.

Finley Belcher was best Youth B losing 36 with a faultless ride at the new triple hill climb.

Tim Davies 300 Montesa was best Novice on 66 although section three was not a problem as the 300 Mont had plenty of four speed grunt to pull through the unstable morass of deep mud.

The ever popular white easy route was once again aced by Steve McHugh also 300 Mont who was splendidly spondiferous  as he managed to clean every section at some stage barley spinning the back wheel.

Geoff Rank over from Cambridgeshire for the day nearly turned back time but had to settle for runner-up spot today.

Although all the old skills were on show especially in the mud at section four a series of stream and ditch crossings.

Many thanks to all of the observers and hope to see you all on Good Friday.


Red Route      
Expert  Richard Vockins 300 Beta  15
   Daniel Greeves  300 Beta  19
   Dan Cameron  300 Mont  22
Intermediate 50/50  Martin Greeves  300 Beta  38
 Youth B  Brett Harbud  125 Beta  38


Philip Howkins Trophy

 Adrian Steele  250 Beta  18
   Alan Taylor  250 Yam  20
   Stuart Belcher  250 Beta  22
Novice  Tim Davis  4rt  66
Youth-B  Finley Belcher  125 Beta  36
White Easy Route  Steve "The Grip" McHugh 4rt  5
   Geoff Rank  250 Beta  18
   Brian Ayres  200 Fantic  22
   Justin Cookson  250 Beta  24


Full results can be found here .