Callum Wilkinson

Adrian Steele

Tim Roblett

Brian Tomkins

Freddie Davidson 

Lorenzo Timms


2017 Ivan Davis Trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pics Gary Dowzall

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different Centres to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a primarily Novice event with the best adult performance on the standard yellow route taking the pot. Four laps of 10 sections were plotted with hazards ranging from ditch crossings long climbs and muddy slots. Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued by the met office and was due at 1 o'clock. Adrian Steele 250 beta lost 9 on this tricky but fair course to take the silverware. Section 9 was tough today a five yard ditch crossing with a selection of lines each one changing rapidly as the bikes tore the bank away, a quick look every lap was essential Adrian had a 3 here second lap but not much else troubled him. Alan Taylor was runner-up on the Yam TY 250 parting with 11. Section three a drop into a wooded glen with a few turns over exposed roots before a slick left handed turn up over a lace of roots then into a bog this long value for money section never troubled Alan at all. Grahame Grove 270 Beta posted third spot on 25 one of only two riders to clean section 4 ' Teenys Swamp ' a hop over a log then a tightish turn over roots before a flat -out blast to the ends cards though some rather exiting bog. David Hill was best Novice with a loss of 48 section 5 taking twelve of these. This sub will never be seen again as after a recent drainage excavation the best was made of this temporary land fortification making for a slalom type section over very undulating terrain and will be back-filled next time we visit. On the white eased route Ixion veteran Brian Ayres blasted around in record time on the ageing but restored 250 Yamaha 19 was his tally to take overall best performance. Section 6 was a perfect opportunity to try the recently built motor a 70 yard steep climb from the bottom of the field to the crest of the hill fourth gear required before rolling off the throttle once grip was established. Best Pre 65 today was Roy Haines 250 Ariel Leader this also gained him runner-up spot overall with the little 250 twin classic making light work of most of the sections. Two youth B battled it out on the eased but testing course with Amy Clarke 125 Gasser showing brother George she has what it takes to win her relevant class as well. It was close run thing though just edging out Freddie Davidson also Gasser mounted buy the odd mark. On the Hard Route Rowan Hill 260 Montesa was best Intermediate with a loss of 53. Ryan was flying at Jakes arguably the trickiest but not the toughest sub of the day a steep muddy climb where it could all go wrong a nadgery left turn then a steady balanced ride across a 35 or so yard camber three gear changes required to clean this one. In the Youth B category George Clarke pressed on for the win with the little Sherco 125 having ample power to conquer all of the hazards with ease. Many thanks to all the observers and hope to see you all at the next event .

Class Rider Bike  Points
Red Route      
  Inter Rowan Hill 260 Montessa 53
  Youth B George Clarke 125 Sherco 59
Ivan Davis Cup Adrian Steele Beta 250 9
Clubman Alan Taylor Yamaha 250 11
  Graham Gove Beta 270 25
  Novice David Hill 250 Montessa 48
  Pre 65 Roy Haines Ariel Leader Twin250 23
White Route Brian Ayres 250 Yamaha Pinky 19
  Youth B Amy Clarke 125 Gas Gas 40


Full results can be found here .