Ian Watts

Adrian Steele

David Hill

Amy Clarke

Mark Kenyon Bell



Report Ken O'Brien
Pics Gary Dowzall
A fine gathering of riders quietly waited in anticipation for the start of Ixion's first round of the 2018 club championship.
Much rain on the preceding days meant for a shortened course as waterlogged areas of the farm were a no no.
Four laps of ten sections were ridden with a variety of roots gullies cambers and hill climbs.
The sun was low in the sky the temperature never rose above zero and to these elements add four laps of ten sections with slick cambers and turns the scene was set.

Expert class winner Ian Watts 300 Beta totaled 11 marks and ran out a comfortable winner posting the best score of 2 dabs at section nine a 200 yard field crossing with many hazards before turning tight over roots with a slick camber to traverse before a short blast up a muddy bank.
Chris Wickham on similar machinery took runner-up spot losing 21 Chris went clean on section one a series of climbs and drops though Gorse before exiting over a low growing bough into a yard or so of shallow swamp.
George Clarke 125 Sherco was best Youth B going particularly well on sub three a  fourth gear hill-climb blast with a tricky drop over roots then a slick camber, a clean and three ones was a good effort.
Adrian Steele 250 Beta put in the best performance on the yellow Clubman route including two brilliant cleans on section seven a 100 yard muddy climb.
This hazard got considerably worse as water dragged up the whole of the sub and anything better than a three was some achievement as the eager crowd applauded and shouted encouragement to all attempts.
David Hill posted a score of 29 to take best novice with the 4RT finding plenty of grip on section ten a sharp turn over roots then a slippy downhill camber before a slick climb out into the field.
Amy Clarke 125 Sherco was have a great time in these testing conditions for the smaller cc machines with three nice cleans on section four a really difficult start then a series of cambers and rocks.
On the eased white sportsman route Mark Kenyon-Bell put in sterling performance on the rasping Tiger-Cub losing 29 to take top spot and the runner up Wayne Hutton was also Cub mounted.
These little four stroke British machines seemed to be gripping well in the wet conditions especially at section five a second gear blast from a drainage gully to the summit some 60 yards up the greasy bank there exhaust notes could be heard far into the woods.
There are two found jackets in my van they were left hanging in the wilderness.
Many thanks to all the observers and a Happy New Year to all.
Class Rider Bike  Points
Red Route      
 Expert  Ian Watts  Beta 300  11
   Chris Wickham  Beta 300  21
   Darren Wheeler  250 Gasser  24
 Inter  Rowan Hill  260 Mont  57
Youth B  George Clarke  125 Sherco  64
Yellow Route      

 Adrian Steele

 250 Beta 10
   Ali Haigh  250 Beta  15
   Paul Haddingham  300 Gasser  16
  Novice David Hill  260 Mont  29
Youth B Amy Clarke  125 Sherco  91
  White Route      
   Mark Kenyon Bell  200 Triumph Cub  27
  Wayne Hutton  Triumph Tiger Cub  39
  Ian Homer  250 Beta  41


Full results can be found here .