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Adrian Steele

David Hill

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Report Ken O'Brien
Pics Gary Dowzall
Sunny but cold weather greeted 48 riders for this 2nd round 2018 Ixion championship with four laps of ten to be ridden.

Standlake Pits was the venue a notoriously wet course although on this occasion dust would prevail on most sections as the winter rains had no impact on the going.
Cambers Hills Ditches Gullies Roots and loose drops were about to be attempted by riders of different class and ability.
It ended a low scoring event in all classes so complacency had no part to play on this occasion as the slightest error would prove difficult to pull back.
Best expert today was recent James Cup winner Stephen Douglas piloting the 300 Gasser around for five marks lost.
Steve lost four of these at section 8 a short steep climb before dropping down a camber with a lattice of roots and gravel to ascend, the end cards were waiting over a blind summit.
Brett Harbud Was best Youth A with a score of one this was dispatched also at sub 8 on his second visit.
Ryan Tomkins took the honours in the Intermediate class with eleven marks making section 1 look easy a couple of tight turns over low branches with a ditch crossing which eventually dragged water up the bank and caused problems for most as the day progressed.
On the Standard Yellow course it was a case role reversal today as Alan Taylor TY 250 got the better of Adrian Steele with an inch perfect ride on the ageing Yam to take the Clubman class.
Adrian was on gold himself until an unforced error on section nine third visit a newly cut grassy camber with roots.
A couple of beginners had previously rode the section and promptly took the line straight -out unawares to Steele patiently waiting to be called in.
A perfectly executed dab in the right place was enough to save complete disaster altogether for Adrian.
Dean Basford also finished on a single mark but lost out on the furthest clean rule.
Best Novice went the way of Peter Cook the 250 Scorpa seeming to have just the right power characteristics to conquer section 4 a loose gravel drop with a splash of water up around a large oak root before a sandy climb up though brambles.
Oscar Jones Beta 125 lost twelve to ace the Youth class.
Section 7 'Teeny's' did not cut-up as expected by clerk of Course so the lines remained firm although precise clutch and throttle control were needed on the cambered turns and climbs Oscar provided this going clean every lap.
The Sportsman class as always well represented with Justin Cookson 250 Beta having a successful ride on one mark lost albeit on the furthest clean rule.
Justin lost concentration for a split second at 'Jake's bank' section 2 second visit a relatively straight forward affair with a gentle stoney camber before dropping over a rooty bank.

Third placed Scorpa mounted Stuart Hayes lost two with section 6 'Axford's Hills' taking a mark on his second attempt a very steep drop to the ponds edge before skirting around a deep swamp then out onto the Land Rover track before a third gear flat-out blast to the ends.
Many thanks to all the observers.
Class Rider Bike  Points
Red Route      
 Expert  Stephen Douglas  300 Gas Gas  5
Inter Ryan Tomkins 250 Beta 11
Youth A Brett Harbud 125 Beta 1
Yellow Route      
Clubman Alan Taylor TY250 0
   Adrian Steele  Beta 250  1 f/c
  Dean Basford 250 Sherco 1
Novice Peter Cook 250 Scorpa 15
Youth Oscar Jones 125 Beta 12
White Route      
  Justin Cookson Beta 250 1
  Tom Nicholls 250 MOnt 1
  Stuart Hayes Scorpa 250 2
  Brian Ayres Beta 200 3


Full results can be found here .