Will McBain

Brett Harbud

Stuart Belcher

Oscar Jones

Justin Cookson

Mick Clarkson 

 2018 James Cup trial

Report Ken O'Brien

Pictures by Gary Dowzall, others can be found at sliders.photography

Will McBain returned to winning ways after a recent injury at the SSDT to take the Expert class and premiere award 'The James Cup' with a loss of three.
Steeple Hill Corner at Folly Farm Beckley was the venue where 3 laps of twelve testing sections were ridden we had steep climbs cambered roots muddy slots and sweeping sandy banks.
This event was a round of the Meteor Group Series.

McBain was good at section 10/11 Axford's a downhill dried-up rocky stream bed that dug-out after fifty or so riders had completed with the second part dropping into a marshy gully with a big root exit, cleans were recorded every visit.
National event runner Brett Harbud was Best Youth A losing twelve on the 125 Beta.
Bret was first up on section 1 a steep drop then a climb to a four foot rooted step he cleaned with ease and set the precedent for the day here.
Stuart Belcher 'Intermediate' riding the 50/50 middle-hard route topped a very competitive entry of seven contenders losing eighteen with Farnham Royal Raider Darren Haines four adrift both made section 12 look easy a series of pivot-turns in and out of a steeply banked ditch.
On the middle yellow course Adrian Steele ran out a clear winner on six with section 6 taking four of his tally, a fallen tree had upturned its roots in a quagmire so naturally this was a prime site for the hardest section of the day, second placed Graham Grove recorded the only clean of the day here albeit twenty marks adrift of Steele.
Section 9 way over in the woods is an old favorite hopping over large trees and burning though drying swamp took relatively few marks the main hazard being smoke getting in your eyes from a nearby fire of course Chris Hurworth was on the pencil here.
Marcus Haynes 300 Gasser was best Novice on forty four with Oscar Jones 125 Beta taking best Youth on forty six both riders going well on section 2 a steep camber with loose turns before a tricky drop over a ledge to the ends.
The White easy route had twenty two competitors vying for glory but Justin Cookson 250 Beta showed all a clean pair of heels with a superb clean ride.
Pete Haines and Steve 'Rambo' McHugh were also good on three apiece although 34 cleans to 33 swayed it Steve's way.
Section 7 took it's toll on most of these eased route riders the second part of a double sub twisting though and over trees and boggy terrain with a very slick last uphill thirty Yards over awkwardly angled boughs.
Mick Clarkson 186 Bantam was best 50/50 easy-middle on 33 marks lost.
Many thanks to all observers.

Class Rider Bike  Points
Red Route      

James Cup Winner

 Will McBain  Gasser  3
   Scott Faulkner  TRS  22
  Alicia Robinson  Beta  28
Youth A  Brett Harbud    12
   Finley Belcher    35
50/50 Stuart Belcher   18
  Darren Haines   22
Yellow Route      
Clubman  Adrian Steele  Beta  6
   Graham Grove  Beta  26
   John Chatto  Mont  27
   Brian Tomkins  TRS  28
White Route      
   Juston Cookson  Beta  0
   Steve McHugh  TRS  3
   Pete Haines  Beta  3
   Brian Ayres  Beta  5


Full results can be found here .